Unlock Your Practice's Financial Potential

Hire a medical billing company like Preferred MB for AR services to streamline revenue cycles, improve cash flow, and optimize revenue collection. With experienced staff, claim rejections can be efficiently managed, reducing AR days and boosting collection rates. Stay compliant with updated regulations and benefit from advanced technology and analytics for improved billing performance. Outsourcing AR tasks frees up internal resources, allowing providers to focus on patient care and experience.

What you will get

Efficient Claim Follow-up

Preferred MB handles timely follow-up on outstanding claims, reducing AR days, and accelerating payment processing.

Experienced AR Specialists

Preferred MB optimizes revenue collection by efficiently managing claim rejections, appeals, and underpaid claims through experienced AR specialists.

Compliance Management

Preferred MB ensures that the billing process adheres to the latest industry regulations and compliance requirements, reducing the risk of claim denials due to non-compliance.

Advanced Technology and Analytics

Preferred MB utilizes advanced technology and analytics to identify and rectify billing inefficiencies, optimizing revenue cycle performance for healthcare providers.

Transparent Reporting

Preferred MB provides detailed and transparent AR performance reports, giving healthcare providers valuable insights for revenue optimization.

Insurance Claims

Preferred MB's outsourcing of AR services enables healthcare providers to prioritize patient care and critical practice aspects by freeing up internal resources from AR management.

Take charge of your practice's financial success with us

Streamline your revenue cycle, optimize collections, and free up valuable internal resources to focus on what truly matters – patient care. With our dedicated team of experienced AR specialists and advanced technology, we ensure timely follow-up on outstanding claims, reducing AR days, and accelerating payment processing. Gain valuable insights into your revenue trends and areas for improvement through our detailed and transparent AR performance reports.

Client Testimonials

Our customers are the ones who have helped us grow and become one of the best U.S. medical billing service providers, and we can’t thank them enough for their kind words and support.

Grateful to have partnered with Preferred MB for their exceptional medical billing services. Thanks to their expertise and dedication, my practice has experienced seamless operations and optimized revenue streams. I highly recommend Preferred MB to any healthcare professional in need of reliable and efficient billing solutions.
Dr. Harvinder Dod
Interventional Cardiologist
Preferred MB has been a game-changer for my Internal Medicine and Primary Care practice. Their dedication to excellence in medical billing alleviated administrative burdens, allowing me to focus on patient well-being. Preferred MB has become an indispensable partner in delivering quality healthcare confidently.
Dr. Sophia Rahman
Internal Medicine/Primary Care
Preferred MB has been a true lifesaver for my ENT practice. Their professionalism and expertise in medical billing have streamlined my operations and increased revenue. Now, I can focus more on patient care, knowing my billing needs are in capable hands. I highly recommend Preferred MB to fellow healthcare professionals seeking top-notch billing services.
Dr. Venkata Durvasula
Preferred MB's exceptional medical billing services have optimized my practice as an Interventional Cardiologist. Their professionalism and attention to detail allow me to focus on my patients with peace of mind. I wholeheartedly endorse Preferred MB to any medical professional in need of a reliable billing partner.
Donald J Voelker Md
Interventional Cardiologist

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